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Nucleus is one of the finest educational institutions famous for its quality education. The name of Nucleus is known to every student, teacher and individual related to academics directly or indirectly for a noble cause. Our students feel proud to tell the world that they acquired their knowledge and skills from Nucleus . Nucleus is a renowned, result oriented coaching institute in Kota, Rajasthan. It provides preparation classes for IIT-JEE. We provide an ideal learning platform for IIT aspirants by excellent intellect, well qualified and highly experienced team of faculty members to provide quality education. The highly conducive & competitive atmosphere of the institute ensures that each and every doubt of the students gets cleared.

Nucleus is said to be have one of the best faculty. Since its directors are excellent and renowned teachers themselves (Ex-Allen Ex Bansal HoDs), Nucleus has an excellent quality of teaching. The teachers in particular are stalwarts of Allen and have coached many top rankers in JEE. The best faculty teach students on first come, first serve basis rather than the usual method of reserving the best teachers for toppers.

Mr. Amarnath Anand known as ANNA Sir is a graduate of IIT Delhi. He is Cofounder, Director, and HOD of the Mathematics Department. He conveys the beauty of the subject. His students say he has infectious enthusiasm‚ÄĚ for the subject and he tries that everyone sitting in his class gets maximum from him. Not all math teachers like him can be that charismatic. Nucleus Education IIT JEE Test Papers

Mr. Amit Gupta known as AG Sir is a graduate of IIT Delhi. He is Cofounder Director and HOD of Physics Department. He has created a revolutionary new methodology for learning. He has designed the content of physics for BANSAL classes and later on for Allen also as the senior-most faculty he created the overall curriculum of IIT-JEE preparation. He is Co-author of Resnick Halliday, the world-renowned textbook of Physics for the last 80 years.

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