[PDF] Download Bansal Classes Mock test series for JEE MAIN

Download Bansal Classes test papers for IIT JEE pdf free. Download Bansal All India Test Series previous years’ question papers. Download Bansal Classes Aits Question Papers with solutions and Answer Key.

Accepting change and making strategies accordingly is the quality of a leader. This is what Bansal Classes have been doing – ‘Adopting methods that best suits our students to crack the JEE’. Mr.V.K Bansal, the best educator, in 1984, felt the need of providing right direction to JEE aspirants for JEE preparations.

With his dedication and positive attitude, Bansal Classes produced wonderful results each year which challenged them to produce even better results. Our objective is to provide equal studying opportunities to all students appearing for competitive examinations and enhance the development of our students through quality teaching by being the first to adopt change introduced in the field of Engineering & Medical entrance examinations and mold our teaching methods accordingly. Bansal Classes Aits 2015 IIT JEE

Bansal classes Kota was the first institute to gain fame across India for IIT JEE coaching. Although there is a long history of ups and downs, it still stands to be an esteemed institution for IIT-JEE, having produced rankers every year since the late 1990s. Since their foundation, their aim is to provide equal studying opportunities to all students through quality teaching and by being the first to adopt changes in the super-competitive environment. Bansal Classes Aits 2015 IIT JEE

The study materials provided are good, along with tests and DPPs which strength the concepts used in problem-solving. They have numerous other facilities like distance learning programs, satellite learning programs, online learning, and it. While the faculty is good with a beneficial teaching methodology and the management is efficient, in recent years, it has seen very frequent turnover. Some of the newly recruited teachers are trainees or ex-students with minimum or no teaching experience, hence the average quality of teaching has gone down over the years. Their infrastructure is decent. The expansive building houses slightly small but well-equipped classrooms with E-learning and whiteboards.. As batch strength in recent years has reduced, students enjoy more personal attention.

The key resulting factor for a student to achieve desired success in the prestigious JEE Main | Advance Examination is to develop the right examination writing skills coupled with continuous evaluation of self under the pre-set examination pattern by simulating the examination environment. Bansal AITS provides students with the right mix of questions in well-spaced tests and an opportunity to compete with the best potential rankers across the nation further helping in building the right aptitude and test temperament.

Bansal Classes Test Series portal offers the following types of courses both at the center i.e. sit down test mode & at Postal mode. The course offerings are provided for JEE Main & JEE Advanced:

Salient Features of Test Series Courses:

  • Examination Pattern Relevant Quality Question Bank.
  • Hints and Solutions.
  • Test Analysis with All India Ranking.
  • Most Appropriate Examination Simulation Tool.
  • Increase Speed along with Accuracy thereby making student more confident to approach tests with positive mind set.
  • Develops Test Taking Aptitude and Temperament.

Download Bansal Classes Mock test series for JEE MAIN

Bansal MockTest (PCM) 1Download paperDownload solutions
Bansal MockTest (PCM) 2Download paperDownload solutions
Bansal MockTest (PCM) 3Download paperDownload solutions
Bansal MockTest (PCM) 4Download paperDownload solutions
Bansal MockTest (PCM) 5Download paperDownload solutions
Bansal MockTest (PCM) 6Download paperDownload solutions
Bansal MockTest (PCM) 7Download paperDownload solutions
Bansal MockTest (PCM) 8Download paperDownload solutions
Bansal MockTest (PCM) 10Download paperDownload solutions
Bansal MockTest (PCM) 12Download paperDownload Solutions
Bansal MockTest (PCM) 14Download paperDownload solutions
Bansal MockTest (PCM) 17Download paperDownload solutions

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